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As I stepped my foot to SUARAM office yesterday, I had no intention at all to meet one of the Operasi Lalang's x-ISA detainees, Dr Kua Kia Soong whom I knew only through his book "An account of the October 1987 ISA detentions. His 445 days of life behind the wire ,which was written with full of passion, had blossomed new ideas for me to urge the current ISA detainees to write about theirs. The introduction of this book "It could happen to you!" is very true!!! These ISA arrests could happen to anyone as long as the ISA is still exists! As I had finished the whole topics, I agreed with Dr Nasir Hashim(also x-ISA detainee) comments "Kua's writings reflect the seething anger, bitterness, frustration, disdain, hope and courage to fight back, against all odds...."

Uncle Soong who will turn 60 next year shared his experienced being kept for 445 days in Kem Kamunting, just because he fought for the rights of the Chinese to study their mother tongue in Chinese schools.
"Kak Laila, carry on with your writing and dont ever give up in what you are doing now..." that was his final words before I left the "Gerai PAS" the place where he and the rest of SUARAM staff "lepak" yesterday.
"Mempelajari dan mempertahankan bahasa ibunda juga boleh ditahan dibawah ISA!!!

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