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I found this precious picture among the envelopes from one of the drawers in my small library. I remembered, this piece was the latest drawing ever being smuggled out of the camp before the camp authorithy staged a "riot" so that the Camp director has a valid reason to introduce a tighter rules during visitation hours to the detainees and their families.These Pak Lah called "naughty-boy's' drawing revealed , that Malaysian SB@ police is at par to those American army that deals with detainees in Guantanamo Bay.

I wonder if Pak Lah or Hamid Albar know how their SB@IO's dealt with all ISA detainees, especially those who were arrested in 2002, branded as members of "Jemaah Islamiyyah" or knownly as JI.Out of 60 "JI" detainees arrested in 2002, eight were incarcerated more than 6 years, including my hubby. The rest had been released selectively. At least twenty x-JI-ISA-detainees were allowed to leave the camp due to their health problems. I'm sure the camp would looked bad to release the detainees in their coffins.

Nowadays, not only the Pakatan Rakyat, among BN members themselves, had voiced -up their stand that ISA should be repeal or abolish and all ISA detainees should be released unconditionally!!

The rakyats are against the ISA. Malaysia has a lots of other acts to charge those wrong doers in court. As for so called "JI" detainees, why detained them without trial for so long? 6 years not enough to collect and produce evidence to charge them in court??

Who is actually the threat to people"s lives and security???

Note: The sketch was taken from the dark experience of a Sabahan ISA detainees. This situation happened in KK Police Remand Centre.

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raveendran nair berkata...

Apa yang berlaku kepada ahli keluarga tahanan adalah amat menyedihkan. Pelbagai rintangan dan halangan namun hidup harus diteruskan, suara perjuangan hendaklah terus ditiupkan supaya keadilan dapat ditegakkan.

Pok Nik Klate berkata...

Aku berseru supaya Pak Lah bebaskan tahanan ISA dari JI. Tapi biarkan RPK dan HINDRAF merengkok selama2nya dalam Kamunting..Buat pengajaran pd mereka yg tak bertanggungjawab.

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