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"ARRESTS KHAIRY UNDER ISA" ref Malaysiakini.

I read this report with great interests! Its hard to predict whether this MCA youth chief is simply joking or he too is parrotting UMNO leaders, the MCA ally in BN.UMNO is well known as the political party that clings to the ISA for its survival!

Nowadays, Malaysians, regardless of their political background, hate the ISA due to its detaine-without -trial image.Not only the PR, the UMNO allies also dislike it. Lets make it clear that no one is suppose to make any kind of statement to use ISA to anyone, even to the enemies! There are lots of other more humane acts in Malaysia that can be used to charge wrongdoers in court.ISA is the mother of injustice. Let us avoid it!

I'm still the victim of ISA.I'm living through it for years and counting..... That's why I always pray, this act should be abolished fast so that, it wont be used to anyone and we will live in a better democracy of Malaysia.
Note:The ISA victims' children missed their dads, so much.

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Merah Hitam berkata...

Kekrajaan Rakyat,
Terimakasih sudi meluangkan masa meluahkan rasa hati dan harapan di blog ini.

Saya yakin, mempunyai pemimpin dan kepemimpinan yang adil,telus dan berwibawa adalah impian,harapan dan doa rakyat setiap masa.

Diatas segala-galanya, kita mahu pemimpin yang jelas dengan kezaliman ISA.

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