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PM endorses reform minded CJ.

I captured these strong and powerful phrases delivered by Datuk Ambiga in her welcoming address at 21st LawAsia Conference in K.L yesterday."..… PM, I ask you ,on behalf of all right thing Malaysian and on behalf of the legal fraternity of Malaysia, to move to abolish the ISA…”

As far as I am concerned, this appeal to abolish ISA that came from Datuk Ambiga, who represent more than 13,000 lawyers throughout Malaysia, is the fourth time, for this year alone! I could understand her bravery to mention these sensitive phrases out loud in front of the ex Home Minister PM Abdullah Badawi because, she went to the Kem Kamunting and met the ISA detainees herself. My husband, the present 7th year ISA detainee told me , Ambiga met them twice this year!!

I’m not surprised with the quick response of the PM that Malaysia still need the ISA. It is considered as a standard answer to all UMNO-BN politicians because without ISA, their political career will completely destroyed.

Despite that cruel and discouraging answer from Badawi, I have my thumbs up for this high spirit President of Bar Council , when she answered” we vowed to keep up the campaign to repeal the ISA”.

As the wife of the longest ISA detainee in this 20th century, its hard to tell how suffer I am , to see my beloved husband, detained without trial for years.Each time I look at my sons eyes, my heart shattered ,thinking that he has to grow up without love,care and guidance from his father and the wait is not yet over....
Anyway,at this time, I couldn’t looked back to the years that left behind.I got no choice, but to move…….Ambiga, your vowed, came like magic, telling me to be steadfast and more committed to the anti-ISA campaign because, I want all the detainees to be released out of that hell hole, fast!
Note: Ambiga , one of the speakers in a forum oraganized by GMI.

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