ISA Section 28 Vs ISA Section 8

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At 11.48 pm, I received an sms from Nalini ( picture above), a SUARAM coordinator as well as GMI secretary, mentioning that Cheng Lee Wee (SUARAM JB secretariat) was detained under section 28 of ISA. She was alledged spreading false report.

Then I checked at Malaysiakini , the section 28 of ISA, does not empower police to detaine without trial and suspect would be brought to the court within 24 hours.

It was reported ,26 year old Ms Cheng made a police report upon recent incident in Kg Plentong, JB, and she was arrested few hours after that. -ref Malaysiakini's Johor activist arrest under ISA.

What's this?

Hamid Albar tried to divert people's understanding to ISA-detained -Without -Trial to this section 28 - "suspect brought to the court within 24 hours"?
Dont forget, there are 60 detainees occupaying cells in Kamunting detention centre without trial, under ISA Section 8 that allows Home Minister to renew the detention without time limit!!!

Malaysians, dont get yourself fooled by this draconian act!!!

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Unknown berkata...

Laila, greetings from Sarawak!.

This is intimidation.

That is the best our government and MIB know.

When it is risky, they ran away like Chow Kit area.

Load of rubbish!

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