ISA is inhuman because it allows DETENTION WITHOUT TRIAL

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I received a lot of sincere and good comments(through sms and emails) on my article "Tahanan ISA 2002 Vs ISA detainees 2008", where a great number responded that the issue in ISA detention was NOT the food given to the detainees, but the nature of ISA itself that allowed detention without trial in undefinite time.

Yes!!! I agree, ISA is inhuman because it allows detention without trial with the interference of Special Branch (SB) @Interrogation Officer and unlimited power in the hands of Home Minister.

The first 6o days in Police Remand center, under section 73, the fate, life and soul of the ISA detainees are in the mercy of the police in plaincloth@SB@IO.

After 60 days, the detainees can be sent to Kamunting Detention Center under section 8, where they have to serve their life like a convict, for at least 2 years.

The Home Minister, after getting the report from the SB, can renewe the detention of the "chosen" detainees to another 2 years.There are "specific reasons" set by the PM, endorsed by Home Minister and done by the SB, that certain detainees should not be released.The renewal detention of the detainees is just to justify that the preventive action taken by the government is correct ,lawful and save the country from the threat of the national security.

Recently,a few "JI" detainees were supposed to be released a week before Hari Raya.A month before that, they were taken to PRC in Kuala Lumpur to have brainwashing session. I was told by one of the detainee's family members, those alledged "JI" detainees failed in poligraph test, a machine that purposedly used to detect lies that normally used by armies to get informations from their preys.

These alledged "JI' detainees had been arrested since 2002. After six years, of course they couldnt wait anymore to let themselves out of that hell-hole.The only way to release themselves is to admit that they are the "JI" the name given by the authority. They tried to accept the allegations so that they would be able to celebrate Hari Raya with their families, but... unluckily they failed the lies test....

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Siapa kata ISA Zalim? yang zalim cara pelaksanaannya. cuba baca kisah Umur dalam blog saya.

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