They shouldnt be put under the ISA...!!!

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In 2003, the first time I set foot at Bar Council (BC), I was quite frustrated to learn that some lawyers had poor information about ISA. Months later , big names like Latheefa Koya, Edmund Bon, Amer Hamzah Arshad,Abd Rashid, Edward Saw, Lai Yi Choy and Nik could be found somewhere in my 2003 diary.It was all because of the "JI" Habeas Corpus(HC) filed under Chooi & Co in September the same year.The case was heard at Mahkamah Tinggi K.L before Judge Kadir Musa in 2004, but unfortunately ,the application was rejected.

I thought the HC was the first and the last of my involvement with the lawyers. The move from BC seemed so slow , made me feel that my pace with the lawyers was going to a halt!!! But... I was totally wrong, for actually it was the beginning of my new world in educating the young lawyers to the "alien" @ draconian act of ISA!!!".

"Tengok Kak Laila dah cukup membuktikan betapa jahatnya ISA and it must be opposed!!!" this part actually creates more awareness among them.

Now in 2009,the seventh year of me being the victim of ISA, my smile widen as I have bunches of new young lawyers, not only ready to visit the ISA detainees in Kem Kamunting but also strong enough to help the Pakatan Rakyat to erase ISA from the Malaysian Legal System.

Apart from Tina, who enjoys recruiting new BC members for the ISA trip, Oy Sim that manages admin of Bar Council , Usha, Renu, Fadiah, Puspa,Richard,Sunil,Andrew,Zari,Sunitra, Dara, Yanti, Grace,Sara ,Aizan and Siti - just to mention few names, Datuk Ambiga the ex BC President and Ragu,the newly elected President, now I have Adrian Chee , Tan Poh Lai , Vimala and her husband- Kuldip in my long list.

Alhamdulillah... thank you Allah for the gift You had given me in the midst of my struggle to free those ISA detainees!!

Adrian (dark blazer) and Poh Lai from Johor Bharu at the main entrance of Kem Kamunting. Yesterday was the first time I met them.The cute and softspoken Adrian said, yesterday's trip was his second visit to the detainees. Happy to meet and share the grievences of those incarcerated ISA detainees. From left Vimala, her husband Kuldip (from Penang), Poh Lai ( the late Gerakan's Dr Tan Chee Koon's daughter), Adrian and me.My son Suhaib took the shots.

Kuldip couldnt hide his anxiety to go inside and meet those guys whom their individual rights are still being violated by the detention without trial act@ Home Minister.(Kuldip, Vimala and Poh Lai with the tall fence behind them.)

" Lapar macam nak pengsan..." told Adrian.After meeting the detainees, the lawyers gave everyone "belanja makan" . They also ordered extra food so that the detainees could take it away to their respective blocks.

"Those innocent guys shouldnt be put under ISA. Its too much for human like them to be treated that way..... Jika mereka bersalah, guna akta yang lain,selain ISA and charge them to the court!!! " that was the conclusion of the visit!!

Thanks Adrian and Poh Lai for the lift.It' s an honour for me to be chauffeured by the both of you to Kemta.

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Awanama berkata...

Sama-sama kita berusaha menumbangkan kerajaan sekarang melalui PR13.... supaya semua tahanan/banduan yang tidak bersalah dikeluarkan dari pusat tahanan/penjara....

Awanama berkata...

Dear Merah Hitam,

Pls keep up your effort and dont ever ever give up Hope and Faith.

You are doing a great job by educating us and tell us yr interactions.

God bless you and your friends, whom are trying to make this right. May God always be with you on your journey and lend you assistance when you need his hands for guidance.

Keep it up. NO X ISA.

Awanama berkata...

hi kak

it was an honour and a pleasure getting to know you, suhaib and poh lai. do keep up the great work.


Merah Hitam berkata...


I appreciate the free trip. Thanks again.

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