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Hi Cikgu Laila,

you are so sweet! sorry I lambat balas, we have been travelling, getting to know the place a bit.

You are doing GMI full time ke... I wondered where do you get time, teaching ,looking after your son and GMI! GMI is such a big job, to fight a system entrenched for over 50 years and strengthened over many years and so well resourced!

It is not a dirty job, it is a very honourable job. It requires abundant of courage and a heart of steel. It requires a face that cannot be embarrased, for you are dealing with ignorance and prejudice. It requires a high tolerance of fools and idiots, for the world is full of them!!

But you will also have to find a space where you can recharge and refuel, for no one can take that much abuse without feeling the pain. Words can cut as much as physical cut, so you need to have outlet to heal yourself. never underestimate the amount of pain you can tolerate, always have time off, to be yourself, a woman, a mother , a friend and not just a fighter for justice.

Sorry I have seen a lot in life!However, in life, nothing is impossible. That much I know. When I was a young reporter in one of the mainstream media many years ago, I never thought I will see the sort of propaganda ever be questioned.

Then when I live overseas's I realise that their system is more Just that the so called Islamic system, Then I realised so many hide behind "Islam". I suppose it is up to us to speak up against this propaganda and against the use of Islam for specific agenda.But I am sad for you, that you have to put up with so much abuse.

You live a life which is abandoned by a system, entrenched by big words like Islam, terrorism, national security, ketuanan melayu- simply to justify constant harrassment and injustice.Yet as a minority in a western system and no ketuanan melayu, I am treated as equal, I have legal recourse and justice is not based on one minister's wish. But honestly if we give a political party so much power, they will use it to the extreme.

In Australia it has a similar incident a few years back with a muslim doctor - kononnya suspected terrorist, so the Howard Government did what is similar to ISA. Australia's top lawyers and journalist bantai habis- habisan... at the end I think there will be compensation worth millions! But the saga hasn't finished yet.

I will pen off now, will keep in touch from time to time.much love....
Note: I only have the photo of Adam, H's only son.

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Unknown berkata...

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