Before rakyat vote out,abolish ISA quick!!!Malaysiakini.

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Change or be voted out, warns Najib
Jan 20, 09 4:00pm

Barisan Nasional leaders have been warned not to remain oblivious to the wishes of the people who want to see actual changes taking place.In line with that, it is time for the BN leaders to break out of their comfort zones and re-orientate their approach to be constantly in tune with the people's aspiration.Making this call today, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said the BN leaders must rearrange their strategies and resolve to make changes not only to themselves but also to the party for the sake of the people and country.
(Rakyat Malaysia sepatutnya diberi hak dan kebebasan sepertimana dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Hormatilah hak asasi rakyat.Hormatilah sistem kehakiman dan perundangan negara. Proses perasingan kuasa mesti dilakukan.-separation of powers must be exercised! Olehsebab itu, akta zalim ISA mesti dimansuhkan, tanpa kompromi.)
"If we fail to deal with these challenges effectively, punishment awaits us in the 13th general election," he said today in a book launch in Putrajaya, according to a Bernama report.Najib added that the BN government should ensure that all development programmes were geared towards fulfilling the people's needs.The incoming premier also said that BN was always responsive to changes and new ways of doing things.
(Sebenarnya rakyat tak mahu pemimpin yang sedia ada. Rakyat perlukan pemimpin baru , dari kumpulan yang baru, dari parti yang baru, dari gabungan rakyat yang baru yang bakal memneri harapan baru pada semua. Rakyat akan terus menolak pemimpin lama, walaupun mereka " di beri make-up baru")

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Unknown berkata...

Terlebih dahulu DS Najib harus menunjukkan teladan dengan mengamali nasihatnya sendiri.


Unknown berkata...

Apakah Puan upaya menyedari bahawa penggunaan di laman-laman siber juga menjadikan perlu digalas beban kekecewaan lantaran ianya tidak benar-benar bebas sehingga bercambah rasa kekeliruan dan memuncakkan rasa kecurigaan yang tidak berasas?

cakapaje berkata...

Salam Puan,

Benar, rakyat sudah jemu dengan pemimpin yang memerintah sekarang ini dan mereka harus ditukar.

Mohon jasa baik Puan, tolong tandatangani petisyen menyiasat jenayah perang di Gaza - ada di blog saya. Harap semua sahabat di sini turut bersama, dan tolong warwarkan. Terima kasih.

Merah Hitam berkata...


Najib memang mesti jujur dengan kata-katanya sendiri.

Merah Hitam berkata...


Saya tak tahu apa pandangan orang lain.Saya hanya ingin berkongsi kisah benar, setelah semua jalan,pintu, ruang, platform untuk saya berkongsi kisah benar yang duka ini, diTUTUP RAPAT oleh pemimpin BN.Mereka ingin membunuh spirit dan mental saya.

Saya tidak mungkin biarkan semua itu terjadi.Saya mahu terus hidup.Anak saya juga mahu terus hidup.Semua tahanan ISA juga mahu terus hidup.

Merah Hitam berkata...

InsyaAllah saya akan vote.

Saya harap,sesiapa yang menentang pencabulan hak asasi di Km Kamunting, mestilah juga menentang pencabulan itu yang dilakukan dimana saja , dan yang paling teruk ialah di Sri Lanka dan yang paling-paling dahsyat ialah di Gazza.

Salaam keamanan pada semua.

Awanama berkata...

The standard of the government machinery has already dropped to rock bottom. In fact, this day a few will believe what the government says.

Police personnel in Malaysia are provided with proper training. The issue with regards to their efforts at preventing criminal activities seems to be more a case of willingness rather than ability.

What are the factors which might cause police personnel to be unwilling to perform the required duties. The Royal Commission might have an answer. I venture to suggest that it was a case of general mismatch between efforts and rewards in the society.

Look at Johor, when less tourist come, they accused the media for highlighting the crimes that happened in the city. Those who don't know or never heard before the criminal activities in Johor will you please stand up. Those who haven't heard before that to obtain your car license you have to give money to officer will you please stand up.

This is just another episode of the BN-lead government all these years, who has cover up their failure and publishing the success they had done to the people.

How can they improve when they know that they can cover up their failure. How can we Malaysians feel save when the BN-lead government always cover up all the stories that might deteriorate the image of the country!

The prime minister personally cannot possibly do much to solve all the recent problems. Neither can anybody else in the cabinet. Nobody will want to dirty their hands for fear of losing the opportunity to enrich themselves while the money is still there.

The government knows the problems but always chooses to cure the symptoms rather than the causes. Government leaders are only loyal to their race and religion, but not patriotic to the nation.

The end results is power vested in official positions were retailed for personal gains, hence the malaise we see everywhere.

It just boils down to the failure of not practicing meritocracy; getting the right people to do the job; round pegs to round holes and square pegs to square holes. It just needs to establish hire and fire system; just fire those rubbish who are incompetent, irresponsible and unaccountable.

Awanama berkata...

UMNO = Untuk Makan Nasi Orang

This is a new generation of lazy malays who evolved from their lazy ancestors. Not surprising la! Wait for the next generation of lazy malays on the future with better parasitic economic policies.

Awanama berkata...

The truth is that Umno is not a philosophical organization. It is an animalistic political one. It is a political organization based on the most basic of animalistic principles - the main one being agenda Melayu which essentially is about material and power of one race.

Nothing philosophical about it. The original alliance was the philosophical part about our nation and political organization which today is almost gone.

Hence the fact that third world mentality pervades and impossible to eradicate is just a fact of the rise of base instincts of Umno. There is no way this third world instinct will change if Umno does not change.

The fact they continue to resort to old ideas in the face of new challenges and means show how unchanging these animal urges are. It is so much more easier to turn to the lowest common denominators for politicians and political organizations.

It is the very foundation of why the principle of 'checks and balances' play such a role despite the difficulties of making it work. Our prime minister is no lion-tamer but the worst part is that he does not seem to realize that is his role.

While I admire the oppositions noble effort, in the end, the only way to change the mentality is for Umno to lose change its agenda. This is where they don't get it that the change can be delayed but not avoided. Unfortunately, they don't understand it and worst they don't believe it.

While Umno may go around touting that they champion the malay agenda for the good of all and that in the end they believe in multi-cultural Malaysia, the truth is that except for the very very enlightened few, most think of it as idealism that if not achieved is not so important. It is only natural they think so because there is not enough reason for them to think otherwise.

And those lack of reasons are also the same reasons why competitiveness and excellence is not high on the importance in their minds. You get used to one compromise in one ideals, it leads to other compromise in other ideals.

Face it, the prime minister may speak of third world mentality but when it comes down to it, will he fire people if they don't perform? In the end, the most he believes in will be gradual change of guards which in his mind gradual improvement. Unfortunately things don't work that way. Gradual change just minor change and ineffective.

I have traveled the world and worked with many bad and great companies and governments, and I will tell you that excellence is a very hard thing to achieve and it is constant demand.

The European after a few decades of debate countless attempts are still indecisive about the role of their state in the economy despite continue high unemployment.

The Japanese caught up with the West in terms of industrialization only to discover that industry became less important than services and creativity which they cannot compete.

Singapore after decades of seeming success now finds that the system it creates is unable to take care of the poor and running out of options in creating businesses that don't just benefit the few.

Ideals are luxury but it does become necessary luxury. The danger is we are very close to giving up on those ideals forever and hence trapped in our own mediocrity forever.

Awanama berkata...

This is from the Malaysia man who brought you these, not in order of magnitude:

1. World class airline - MAS
2. World class bank - Bank Islam
3. World class capital - Putrajaya
4. World class car - Proton
5. World class dam - Bakun
6. World class democracy - Umno
7. World class exchange - KLSE
8. World class ICT - Multimedia Super Corridor
9. World class law - ISA
10. World class parliament - August House
11. World class polis - Bukit Aman
12. World class steel - Perwaja
13. World class trader - Bank Negara
14. World class transit - Putra and Star
15. World class transparency - EPF

Let us support this man in order to further his cause in creating some world class intelligence and memory challenged followers. We may even be the hub of world class! Boleh!

Awanama berkata...

Fine, thanks for the overwhelming response - showed how much the subject of racist oppression is a serious cause for concern.

Before I continue, I did it for the obvious reason that it was an interesting piece that could shed important light on our position in this country, which somehow always seemed elusive.

That said I must also make clear that the intention is, to share and explore and discuss insights so that each and everyone of us, in our own ways can learn and in the process, instigate change - starting from our own selves, towards the positive development of a more peaceful and progressive Malaysia, to the advantage of every one concerned.

At present, we as Malaysians are all heirs to a dilemma. On the one hand, we are bombarded with propaganda about our responsibilities as patriotic Malaysians regardless of our race, religion, cultural backgrounds and personal beliefs.

On the other hand, we are consistently faced with the knowledge that non-malays are forced to pay more for their homes and education, and lose out on banking and financial gains - and this, despite the fact that non-malays are just as Malaysians as the next person, regardless of race and religion and whatever else that tends of delineate us.

In this way, non-malays born and bred in this country are forced to work harder because we need to fork out more money for the things we want in life, including paying more for our homes and costs of education, and getting significantly less from our banking or financial investments.

As citizens join the workforce to buy their own cars and homes, earn their own living, pay their own taxes, and maybe even set up their own businesses, one question never fails to arise: Why should non-malays pay more and get less for everything?

It is like a vicious cycle that perhaps those in power would like all of us to be trapped in - for their good.

For that, a famous quote by Lincoln comes to mind: "You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time."

There is no clear solution, but as we begin to question the kinds of policies and dogmas that challenge our shared aspirations as Malaysians, I hope we are able to explore the opportunities to realise our aspirations - at the advantage of all Malaysians.

The real problem arise when fellow citizens attempt to misrepresent us under an unfavorable light in order to hide their true intentions……….the tip of which, I think we are just beginning to drift upon.

We are all part of the same human race and that is what we should work toward in order to arrive at some form of betterment and unity for all.

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