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I was at the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya to give support to RPK's case yesterday.Nashita and me arrived a bit late.... but managed to give some poses with No To ISA red muffler to few reporters. Through the angles of my Chinese eyes, I could feel smiling eyes flashing at me....I looked at them and say "hi" ...Ohhhh!!!! most of them were regular participants at MBPJ weekly Vigils...no wonder their faces were so familiar...
Alhamdulillah... I got the chance to snap some photos with Malik Imtiaz Sarwar(picture below), one of RPK's lawyer to defend him in this case.(Further info please check at delCapo and Shanghaifish blogs)Lets look at the beautiful wording in banners (below) 'STAY ALIVE MALAYSIA NEEDS YOU' and "IT AINT OVER TILL ITS OVER" from anak Bangsa Malaysia..... I'm one of them... he he he....Yeah! Its very true!!!(more news please refer to Malaysiakini news or delCapo )

As I was listening to the conversation of blogger delCapo, Arif and Mila, suddenly we saw glimps of DS Wan Azizah.
"Kak Wan!!! " saya melambaikan tangan pada wanita besi Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.
Seeing at our non-stop waving hands, Kak Wan approached us. We hugged , Kak Wan asked how's my life going on and later took some photos...

Its so sweet to have this memorable photo with ex Ketua Pembangkang in Parliament!!! My wristwatch showed half past twelve , we pomised Lawyer Amer Hamzah to give our support to Perak's case in Jalan Duta. Nashita and me were heading to my place in Taman Keramat.... Bye....

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SFGEMS berkata...

Puan Norlaila: We met briefly at one of the vigils. I respect you for your determination to stand up for what you believe in. May God continue to give you the strength and the courage to carry on.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia
(just like you!) ;)

Merah Hitam berkata...


Nice name eh:-) Ok, next vigil I'l find out who you are he he he

Hey, thanks for your kind words. Kita memang Anak Bangsa Malaysia sama-sma fight for our rights!

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