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1. Rubber tapper,
2. Ice Cream seller,
3. Chicken and Vegetables seller,
4. Students.
5. Academicians
6. Politicians
7. Reporter
8. Chief Director of newspaper company.
9. Bank Excetutives
10.Politicians from oppositions and BN

These are a few true detentions under ISA since 1960 untill now.More than 10,000 people have been detained under this draconian act and the Home Minister is really doing his job by executing anybody he wished to be the next victim.

*** Please care to refer to MALAYSIA 45 YEARS UNDER THE INTERNAL SECURITY ACT- by Koh Swe Yong. All reveals in this book.

Now, in 2008, ISA is still haunting us the people. It looks like the Home Minister's job is the same,although the individuals elected for the post are different. Who is the evil? The systems in UMNO-BN or the personalities of Home Minister ?

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sp lim berkata...

I've read Koh's book. It seems to me that the intention of the ISA was to cripple the Opposition parties and to silence opposing voices. It was never really meant to counter the communists and terrorists. The communists at that time when ISA was enacted was already a spent force.

The leadership of the Socialist Front was completely wiped out by the arrests.

Merah Hitam berkata...

sp lim,

You are 100 percent correct! And when the current ruling leaders claimed ISA for the communist, it is just a myth.

And the modus operandi of using ISA is still the same from 1960, untill now.....

Lets make the future generations understand about the history of ISA better of from us, so they wont easily get trapped with this favourite tool of UMNO.

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