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HI Cikgu Laila, apa khabar?
I selalu baca your blog, belum sempat nak komen, will do soon. My family and I in France for a while -so kalau you nampak dari languedoc-rousillon tu I le tu!!!Harap you are well, we were in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris so we lit a candle for all ISA detainees and wrote in the book of lives, the husband lupa nak kecilkan gambar adam dengan candle, current file too big now dah pukul 10 malam, so will send that photo to you esok!In the mean time here is my Adam scribbling NO ISA in Notre Dame !Salam to your young man Shuib and talk soon.....
Cikgu Laila, I did carry you all in my heart all the time. Justice has to be done... I reflect my Adam is 6 now and with his dad they discuss everything under the sun, science experiments, chemical reaction, religions: its differences and similarities, of Islam, the different branches of thoughts - why Jesus is God to some and prophet to us, why ISA is a repressive law against the very core of basic human rights.I thought how young young Shuib is being deprive of his rights as a child; to have a father and to grow up in a safe environment and without harassment. How ISA is Malaysia against its very own citizens is a form of child neglect and abuse perpetrated by the State. There are over 360 children whom the Malaysian government are abusing systematically.How could we not carry you all in our hearts?with lots of love and best wishes to all your good work.
Love, Hasnah.

Note: Puan Hasnah Hariri is our anti-ISA strong supporter.

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