400 Chinese NGO's want PM to Abolish ISA.

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Today, at PM's office in Putrajaya, I joined the NGOs and Chinese Schools under KL and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall , to hand over a memo of joint endorsement in abolition of ISA to the Prime Minister.
Mr Ser Choon Ing, the Chairman of KLSCAH was heading the group to send the memo to Mr PM. I represented Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI). The men in the group were optimist to meet Pak lah themselves ,but unfortunately, we were stopped at the corridor and only allowed to give the memo to Mr Mazwan and Mr Arun, assistants of Ahmad Yaakob, Pak Lah Political Secretary.
We shortened our paces to Pak lah office as we were not allowed to move further.We surrendered the memo right at the corridor!!We also not allowed to take pictures but , a big number of Special Branch(SBs) were busy taking our photos with their big cameras!!
Wasting no time, we hastened our steps to the lobby and felt so relief the reporters were already there waiting for us. Mr Choon Ing lead the brief press statement.
(Stop here... to be continued)
Note: The delegation managed to snap few shots before entering PM's office.

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Unknown berkata...

Saya percaya lebih lagi organisasi dan warga Malaysia akan menyokong usaha murni GMI bagi menghapuskan ISA.

Parti komponen BN seperti LDP dan PBS telah mula menyoalkan keperluan ISA. Ini satu tanda baik.

I admire your indomitable spirit in fighting this noble cause.

God Bless

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