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" In court cases that involve criminals, normally, the judge will sentence 12 years in jail and after deducted the holidays, it will remain about 7 years to be served.That criminal doers will know their final date to be released and as the convict he will be able to plan for his future.

Unlike these ISA detainees, they have served almost seven years in Kem Kamunting, without any trial and without any evidence produced to proof the on going accusations.The worst part is, they dont know when is the final date of the detention because the power of released lies in the hands of Home Minister. The uncertainties in the released of the detainees are the cruel and inhumane part of ISA" said YB @ Lawyer Sivarasa Rasiah.
Look at their faces, the ISA detainees who have been living like convicts in Kem Kamunting. The ISA, used by Home Minister has stolen seven years of their life and counting....
Who is the real criminal???

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Unknown berkata...

he is the real criminal "tai koh".

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