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Syed Hamid: I knew nothing until this morning-Malaysiakini.

Lets look at these chronology of events

Sunday 9 Nov.
7.30pm: All roads to Amcorp Mall were closed by the police.
(Who ordered the police to do so? They did it at their own risk?)

9.20pm: No one at Padang Timur.We hurried to join the crowd at the lobby of the Mall.
FRU units lined up with their shield and batons 50 meteres from the Mall.
(Why were they at the Mall? To see the candles or to occupy their free time?)
10.30pm: The beatings and punchings to disperse crowds.

Lets look at the reports.

"Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar claimed he did not have knowledge of action taken last night by Selangor police to end a candlelight vigil, until this morning."

When BERSIH participants were punched and beaten by the police, he could sleep soundly without being disturbed until morning.

"Met by reporters in Parliament lobby today, the minister said he has “not received any reports” on the matter....."

Amazing!!!If it was realy true (he was innocent about the incident) it showed, the police were acting at their own freewill.Who gave the power for them to do so?If the reporters did not asked Home Minister about the incident, most probably Hamid Albar didnt know anything about the beating and punching by plaincloth policemen that worked under Kementerian Dalam Negeri.

"He expressed confidence that the police had acted in accordance with law, but refused to comment further when pressed."

Ahaaaa!!! This one confirmed. Someone with the highest post in Kementerian Dalam Negeri, had already given instructions to the police to act "according to the law" of the BN ruling leaders, by any means , to disperse any sort of gatherings by the rakyats.

Thats why he could sleep soundly because his "men" had accomplished the mission to disperse the crowd, and at the same time scared them to do the same thing again.

Is Hamid Albar still worth to us, the people??

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