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Am I in the real world?Hamid Albar talks about code of ethics?Oh no!!!! As long as Internal Security Act,is still around, I dont see that he,that Home Minister is eligible to mention anything about code of ethic.

"Code of ethics for bloggers mooted
Andrew Ong Nov 23, 08 6:47pm
Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar has suggested that a code of ethics be drawn up for bloggers in the country in order to safeguard the nation from racial or religious conflict."

Again...the people,the nation, the country security..... are being used as the main reasons for him to say in a mild tone that" bloggers are also threatening the national security" .It was proven because he already put a blogger- RPK, two months under ISA.

"Speaking at the Bloggers Buff 2008 in PWTC yesterday, Syed Hamid said the code was necessary as some blogs contained libelous and sensitive racial and religious materials. “The Internet is bringing people into the world of written reporting who have had no training; have no one to learn from; no sense of responsibility; and no sense of their place in the reporting ecosystem. “A code of ethics will serve as a guide."

What???? Bloggers need to have code of ethics?Why he said like this? Is it because the mainstream newspapers "sudah tidak laku" that in the end the people had to turn to internet @alternative media to get true stories?

Ho ho ho.....lets throw these questions to our Home Minister....

1- who, on the first place, has no ethic in the world of reporting?
2-who, has no sense of responsiblity in their writing?
3-who has no sense of their place in the reporting ecosystem?
4-who's report contained libelous and sensitive religious ?
5-who are being racist?

"However, he said that he was not suggesting new laws adding that “this country has enough laws”. "

I couldnt believe Hamid Albar dares to mention this phrase because everyone in the country knows , with the ISA, he makes himself God!!!!
My husband is detained under ISA since 18 April 2002 untill now? Why didnt he used other laws to arrest him?Why dont his Ministry charge him to court producing together with the evidence?

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

a minister who has been talking so many wrongs and bullshiit still kicking and staying around.

only in bolehland.

Unknown berkata...

Apa yang ditulis mencerminkan peribadi penulis itu sendiri. Dari membaca tulisannya kita boleh tahu sifat dan sikap seseorang penulis itu.
Penulis yang mempunyai kredibiliti dan berintegriti seperti A. Kadir Jasin atau saudari sendiri tentu tidak akan menulis benda-benda yang mengarut, tetapi akan menulis sesuatu yang dapat memberi kebaikan kepada masyarakat.
Etika itu adalah kejujuran dan keikhlasan seseorang untuk membawa kebaikan melalui tulisannya. Walaupun kadang-kadang tulisannya itu tidak disenangi oleh banyak pihak.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

What double or triple standard? that botak throw out all our standards. We have a police force at his disposal and he use them against peaceful gatherings....and we have cases like kidnappings, murders, robberies, atm machines being bomb, rapes etc etc...We are appalled that he used 8 policemen to arrest a politician whose charge is merely for obstructing a
MPSJ operations. This is pure political intimidation and abuse of power. What more can we says.

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