Over 400 Chinese NGOs and Schools urged PM to abolish ISA.- Malaysiakini

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The press conference went smoothly. Mr Choon Ing of KLSelangor Chinese Assembly Hall(KLSCAH) told the press about the submission of the memo to Pak lah's Political Secretary's assistants in a very fluent Bahasa Melayu." Memo ini mewakili lebih 400 gabungan Pertubuhan ,Persatuan dan sekolah China di bawah payung Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Selangor dan K.L yang mahu supaya ISA dimansuhkan" he stressed.

Then I added " with the existence of ISA, none of us will be safe from that draconian act. The current BN leaders blatantly used ISA on MP, blogger and even journalist like all of you, then its high time for the Malaysian to work together to give preassure to PM and Home Minister to repeal or abolish the ISA.I know its not an easy job because the current political parties and leaders will do anything to keep the law , a safeguard to the survival of their political career."

Few seconds later, my friend Nashita took out four small playcards written with " 7 years detained without trial" and "7 tahun dizalimi ISA".Four of us comprising Nashita, my son Suhaib, Ammar and me hold each of the card.Upon seeing these sad wordings, we were then showered by flashes from cameras.We were immersed in the flashlight and shocked when suddenly we were ushered roughly to the door by the guards who warned us in a harsh tone, not to display those playcards inside the building.We moved quickly outside to the open area, by the roadside . We were still holding the cards when we realised more guards, policemen and SBs came to tell us it was an offence to take pictures with those cards in any area at PM's office.

Again ... and this time we were told to get back to our vehicle and moved out of the PM's compound fast....

Owh...(If I didnt bear in mind that I'm a Muslim, I would have shouted the word" bastard or stupid" at them.... but Alhamdulillah, I could still control my anger...... we went to our car and drove off) I was wondering why PM was so allergic with words like "ISA ZALIM" or "DETAINED WITHOUT TRIAL"....

Note: Sour faces with sad words, just seconds before "thrown out' of PM's office.

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