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"The video camera, which was seized from a Malaysiakini journalist at a candlelight vigil on Sunday, will not be returned to the online news website until the police have completed their investigations.According to the investigation officer at the Petaling Jaya police station, the investigations on the “illegal demonstration” was ongoing and the camera cannot be released."

Investigations? Why, for God sake, you have to take the whole load of that camera where you can just pick the card and investigate the content of it!

My experience as an ISA victim, the plaincloth police took the CPU of our computer the night they raided our haouse and later took my husband together with the CPU and other things.Three weeks later, as I was allowed to visit my husband at IPK Jalan Hang Tuah, I got back my CPU.My son was very happy to get it back but unfortunately it was damaged and I have to buy another new CPU to replace it.

So, can we imagine, waht would happen to that camera?

"This was despite that the police were told that they need not keep the camera as the tape should be sufficient enough for their investigation.However, the police said they have to take a “look inside the camera”.

If we say ,they are stupid police, surely they will be very angry at us.Why do they have to "look inside the camera" when they can just take out the tape or the memory card and investigate it.
These people knows nothing except to ruin other people's things to satisfy their boss, the upper level of police.

By taking away the camera is clear enough the bad intentions of these policemen....So , dont trust and dont ever be fooled by them.

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The.Libyaman berkata...

My uncle's camera is still in 'police custody', since April 2001 ISA's detention. I believe they'd torn apart by pieces looking for any bolt and nuts that suspiciously look like nuclear warheads.

Merah Hitam berkata...


They can take our things ie your uncles camera but definitely those morons cant rob our spirit.

Kak Laila

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