Pak Lah:Ex-Judges awarded RM millions, ISA detainees only want freedom...Malaysiakini

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In 1988, when there was a judiciary crisis , I was too young and to naive to think or ask why Tun Salleh Abbas , was dismissed from his post as the Chief Judge of Malaysia.At that time, I also didnt know ,one day later, I would be marrying a man,whom going to be detained under ISA and I dont care so much about the existence of that draconian act.Later, after almost a year my husband was detained, I got all the answers. All these problems came from the same root or base. It was ex PM Mahathir who did all these to us,the people and all the systems later being carried out by Pak lah.

Anyway, looking at the latest development, Pak lah is going to resign in March next year. He promised to make a judicial reform though refused to repeal the ISA act. I have not much to say on that, but lets put things this way.
If Pak lah can compensate the judges with millions of RM , on the first place to show the rakyats that ex PM Mahathir had done injustice to them, then why not at this critical moment, he releases all the ISA detainees....Dont you have any pity to them, especially those who had been incarcerated in Kem for years!
Pak Lah ,you can do it!!!The jugdes got the filthy amount of RM for their case, but the ISA detainees only need your little mercy to set them free from that damn Kem Kamunting.

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