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"Court released RPK by 4pm today-Jayanath" thats the sms I received around 9.30 am today.
Alhamdulillah, thank you to Allah for the released.I'm sure, Kak Marina and her children would be the happiest persons to hear it.I'm sure the supporters who did vigils nonstop, get this piece of good news jubilantly.
Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollable right after hearing the news. My biggest thank to Allah as well as my pray that my husband also would get the chance to be released fast, like RPK.I could also understand the feelings of Pushpaneela,wife of YB Manoharan .He (YB Mano also still detained in Kem Kamunting).
I understand all the feelings of the ISA detainees families.Every seconds to us is full of hope,our loved one will be released out of that hell hole.RPK will be back home by 4 today....that is definite. But remember, there are 65 others still locked up in the respective dorm or cells without trial. And, the worst thing is, 6 detainees has been there for almost 7 years.
I'm sure my son will be affected by the news as he is also hoping the released of his father.No one can cure the hurt and lost of 7 years being saparated from his father.And Suhaib, my son is not alone.There are more than hundred kids are losing the love,care,concern and guidance of their fathers .The ISA is still threatening the ties between them and the heads of their families...
Who cares for their fate??

Note: My son and his dad. Me and my hubby.

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Unknown berkata...

Insyaalah..tabahkan diri saudari.

Tunjuk ajar kepada mereka-mereka yang kurang faham tentang Islam yang Islam ada penyelesaian untuk semua permasalahan.

ISA bukan penyelesaiannya!

ummu asiah berkata...

Merah Hitam..

InsyaAllah we will continue to fight for their freedom....

May Allah continue to give us the strenght n courage...and with the support from all Malaysians of course.

Masa berkempen kita kempen habis-habisan..ada masa terluang kita hibur dan tenangkan diri kita dengan berjalan-jalan dan makan-makan lagi..tapi kena lebih expert dengan selok belok jalan...:))

Unknown berkata...

Salam cikgu Laila, kita teruskan doa, dan perjuangan kempen. Kami continue support pada cikgu laila dan semua tahanan ISA termasuk YB Mano!! My family harap bila bapa Suhaib dah keluar kita dapat tertemu semua, minum teh sebab dah bertahun tahun dengar cerita dia rasa dah macam family!!

Unknown berkata...

We will not give-up the fight until the draconian law is repealed and all our brothers are released from KDC...

Take heart and take care..


Atom berkata...

Berat mata memandang,
berat lagi bahu memikul.

Saya bangga dengan perjuangan kak.

kesabaran akan terbalas jua.

Kezaliman akan ada penghujungnya.

Salam dari saya sekeluarga.

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