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Congratulations!!!Happy faces of RPK and wife Marina, after court decided that he should be released. " Now is about 10.30 am, and I think there is enough time for RPK to be released...." said the judge.RPK was detained for almost 2 months.Suraya and Sarah, daughters of RPK didnt have wait too long to see their father at home again.
Aina Mardhiah Shahrial 17, saparated from her father when she was eleven.She was totally deprived the rights to have the love,care and guaidance from her own dad until her last breath....Although doctor warned she had only few hours to live,the Kem authority didnt grant the last wish .She passed away, bringing along the frustration,hurt feelings as her right to be with her dad, cruelly denied by ISA. Shahrial, an alledged JI, was released from Kem Kamunting in August 2008, few weeks after the burial of Aina.Shahrial was detained under ISA for almost seven years!
What is next from ISA for the people???

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Unknown berkata...

Thank You for the excellent piece.

FYI, i have asked Bro.Zorro to pass this on to RPK.

Please also see Zorro's posting on ROUND 2 ISA.



Merah Hitam berkata...

Thank you so much.I know I can count on you!!!

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