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GMI had a press conference to hi lite the arrest of RPK, YB Teresa Kok dan Miss Tan of SCJP under draconian ISA, at SUHAKAM , 2.30pm today.

SUHAKAM's Commissioner, Datuk Dr Denison Jayasoorya, who was present to receive the memo, promised to look into all suggestions demanded by GMI and Bar Council.In fact, there will be another PC, held at the same place, 12.30 tomorrow.

Before the pc ended, I stressed that, SUHAKAM should ensure that there's no such thing as to force YB Teresa to strip naked infront of the Investigating Officers(IO), no matter they were men or women.
During Ops Lalang 1987, a few Arqam women were detained and they were forced to crawl infront of the male IOs, naked!!As a woman, I'm so worried,that the same thing would be done to her...

YB, May Allah keeps u in His tender care....

Note:This picture was taken in June, in Shah Alam.YB was signing one of the letters for GMI Letter Signing Marathon "Kempen Bebaskan Tahanan 6 Tahun ISA."

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Saya dengantegas dan komited menolak sebarang bentuk penggunaan ISA atas apa jua alasan demi kemaslahatan ummah seluruhnya. Moga anda ISTIQAMAH...


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