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Alhamdulillah, Miss Tan, Sin Chew Daily journalist ,was released from the ISA after 18 hours of arrest.
I read with great interest about her '18 hours' experience detained under this 'beloved" act of the present ruling leaders.As I went between the lines, I realised, the Home Minister(HM) -Hamid Albar, didnt change at all the ISA script that commonly used to all its victims.
"She was detained under ISA because the government wanted to ensure her safety from the threat of the people" - HM Syed hamid Albar -2008 (Miss Tan Hoon Cheng)
"The Jemaah Islamiyyah"JI" detainees should be thankful to be detained under ISA because the govt wanted to ensure their safety from the US troops!!! HM Dollah Badawi in 2002.(Mat Sah Mohd Satray)
The sharing of 18 hours arrest was enough to tell the feeling of the victim. I compared Miss Tan's 18 hours, with my husband's 6 years plus detention , trying to find the ratio of it....One thing for sure, the both of them were the same victims of the ISA, regardless the brand that the govt put on them.
I couldnt imagine ,if I were to be in his shoes!!!
In Feb 2005, I managed to pass a letter to PM Dollah Badawi asking the released of my husband. Despite of his Islamic promised with the holy word- "InsyaAllah", I learnt later, a day after I met the PM, my husband was put in a sole confinement - a cell where there was no window, no fan, no light except small holes for air ventilation and the door of the cell was locked from outside.The key of the lock was kept by the warden on duty.
He was put in that cell from 2005 until now!!
Note: A picture of my husband, Mat Sah. He was detained in April 2002 untill now and never know when is the exact date of his released.A real marathon of uncertainties.....

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