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Today, the ruling party leaders are working hard to maintain in power although the urge from the people is very clear that Malaysians need other better person to lead the country. In other words, Malaysians need a new PM!!But of course its not that easy for the ruling politicians to let go their posts in the government. And , dont forget, they have ISA as the best tool cum fortress to make sure they can still clutch to power!!!
Last week's arrest of the three, beginning from RPK, journalist Tan and YB Teresa, created a big outburst to Malysians ,that made them realised,there were a number of people still incarcerated in the detention camp for years.
We urge the present government not to use ISA to others but, what happens to those who had been occupying the cells in Kamunting without trial for years, ? They were attended like convicts.Their lives were more than having the feeling of uncertainties because they had lost everything such as jobs and good name !
What happens to their families? Who is the breadwinner to make sure the kids survived?How are they surviving?
To All Caring Malaysians,
please spare some of your thought for them. How sweet if you can take a little of their distress by fullfilling their needs as a human.We, are about a week away to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, and I would like to make a call to this blog readers, to spare some financial portion for them.I'm sure, your move will give a great help to them.
For further info of these families, I make myself available at 0126892608 or GMI's treasurer Puan Nashita at 0132096373.
Note: These are the pictures of Puan Halimah's family.A mother of eight, she makes soya bean drinks and sells it in Pasar Malam at Bahau, NS.The youngest is Ismail, 7.The father was taken away when Ismail was 3 years old.

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Sal berkata...

pls let me know how I can send my donation. Perhaps bank into gmi account? Let us know.

Sue.Aleen berkata...

assalamu'alaikum kak,

i blogged about you and puan Halimah.. just curious.. camne nak join GMI?

Merah Hitam berkata...

Ok, you may donate to GMI account at SUARAM KOMMUNIKASI, RHB Bank,

Merah Hitam berkata...

Walaikum salam,

macam mana nak join GMI?
Its very easy. Just come to our programme dan dapat maklumat mengenai ISA.
Are free tomorrow? We'l have a booth at Bar Council EGM, at WISMA MCA.

Unknown berkata...


Berat mata memandang lebih berat bahu memikul. I will try to assist you as much as possible.

ummu asiah berkata...

dear readers,

to those who wish to bank in to SUARAM Kommunikasi account please kindly sms us the details, amount and date. This is to ensure that the money donated can be given to the ISA victims.


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