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As usual, the family meeting between my husband and I lasted for 45 minutes, via intercom. My physical development, Suhaib’s and his father’s can only be seen through the transparent glass separating between him and us. My husband couldn’t stop smiling looking at how his only son is growing up and getting taller than he is. The three of us took turns talking. Suhaib tried to share his plans and ideas during the upcoming school holidays with his father... only until realising the fact that none of it could be done with him. His father could only provide his only son with general advice. One of them is that he should consult and ask for his mother’s (mine) consent in anything that he wants to do...

Truly, the father and son sharing session would usually end up in a dead end. Just imagine! More than 6 years, the both of them have not lived under the same roof. The short 45-minutes meeting every now and then actually don’t really help much for the both of them to express their feelings.....
Note: This pic was taken in January 2008, in the hospital of UKM.Mat Sah was taken to K.L because his mother was sick and warded in that hospital.

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