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Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) has a family support group named Pusat Sokongan Keluarga (PSK-GMI) which solely set up to look into the needs of the families(ISA victims) that separated from their husbands by the present government.

I join this group as a voluntary worker since 2004 and well understood that PSK has no financial institution expected to back up the financial problems of the families. Actually the money comes from the rakyat. Normally, to get a sum of money to be distributed to the families, especially during festive season like Hari Raya, my friend Nashita and I will have to drive donations from the public.

The needs of the families are different. A mother with 8 of course needs more compared to a "single parent' with only a child ,like me.And the occupation of the mother also put into consideration in the way we distributed the donations.We only cater basic needs of the families for like food and clothing, therefore, not much we can give each of them.

As we are getting nearer to the festive season, we, in PSK, put our biggest hope to you Malaysians to help us get th amount that can be distributed to these families to cover their basic expenses for the coming Hari Raya.We hope to give each families at least RM 300 - 800 each.Thats why we set at least RM20k in our account before the end of next week.

You may bank in your donations to May Bank 162209939776, under name of Nashita Mohd Noor, GMI's treasurer.

InsyaAllah, I'l try to update the amount we received, daily.

Note: Puan Dayang with her 5 children.This pic was taken last year.The detention of her husband was renewed in June this year after the first 2 years to the second of another 2 years.

Norlaila Othman@Merah Hitam,

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zorro berkata...

LAILA: I put up a posting yesterday on this appeal - "I CHALLENGE BIG CORPORATIONS TO...."

Putting up a follow-up to link to your latest appeal of PSK-GMI

Merah Hitam berkata...

Mr Zorro,
Thank you so much for your help.

aida berkata...

kak laila,
i would love to offer tuition to the young victims of ISA free of charge of course.i used to work as a lawyer but quit my job to take care of my only child.but now i teach part time at a language centre in mont kiara so i have some experience tutoring primary school students in english.i will supply the material and i will travel to the kids' houses so that they don't have to worry about expenses.just email me at aaleemah@hotmail.com and let me know the details.
with all my love and prayers.take care kak laila.

Muhammad Fahmi berkata...

Kak Laila,

Ibu saya dulu kena stroke dan tak mampu utk berpuasa. So, saya kena bayar fidyah. Saya kena bayar utk tahun ni dan tahun lepas. Rasanya keluarga mangsa2 ISA layak utk terima fidyah. Tolong double check dgn mana2 ustaz. Last year utk negeri Perak zakat RM5. Ustaz Abu Hasan Din kata fidyah sehari 1/4 dari nilai zakat = RM1.25. So, kali 30hari = RM37.50. Utk tahun ni dan tahun lepas = RM75. Saya cadang nak bank-in RM100 (yg lebih tu kira sedekah). Tolong bagi no akaun bank. TQ

Muhammad Fahmi berkata...

ops, tak perasan akaun bank kak nashita dah ada. just double check dgn ustaz je. tq

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