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Remembering the past 6 years

Looking back, in 2002, the first year my husband was held, I only stayed in the house. I needed time to adjust to being a single mother. After work, I divided my time to settle personal errands like going to the bank, paying bills or going to the shops for groceries. I was extremely grateful because my employer was open and very concerned about my predicament. Before coming to know the human rights activists, my friends at the workplace were the ones who gave me the moral support and spiritual encouragement to give me strength to face the hardships caused by the oppressive ISA.

I’ve never told anyone , since the past 6 years, my life was really at the at the standstill. I had no intention or planning to go for vacation, shopping for new clothes, going for window shopping at goldsmith shop or even watching my favourite tv series…
There were too many things disturbed my mind.I have to be very strict with my budget and the thought of going to visit my hubby in Kamunting Camp was the biggest thing that tortured my mind…..

And each time I looked to the sad face of my son, my heart shattered…. on why was he being the one who had to shoulder all these burdening and stressful life. The agony of veing separated from his father, showed clearly through his eyes…


Suhaib, our only child, and I, missed Mat Sah very much. At times, the yearnings creep into our sleep. I once dreamt that my husband came home and everything seemed so real, but when I awoke, I was crying like a baby. My son once sleepwalked to the door, saying his father was standing outside the front door, having been released from camp. But it was all just a dream...

Note:Suhaib's father was detained in April 2002 and until now, he is still occupaying one of the cells in Kamunting Detention Center.That picture was taken in Nov 2007, Suhaib's 14th birthday.

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