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Alhamdulillah, YB Teresa Kok was released from ISA, at 12pm today. I feel gratefull to Allah, though my husband is still occupying one of the cells there without any news, when is HIS turn to get out of that damn place!!!

I just want to share this sms that landed in my inbox with all of you....

"Happy for the released of YB Teresa but very sad to think WHY the authority didnt care to release those who were force to spent 6 years of their life in that horrible place without trial.If the PKR,DAP, MCA and MIC are sincere enough with their words, they should continue to pressure the government to release ALL ISA detainees regardless their background and allegations..Dont cheat the people!!"

Note: Look into the eyes of these small victims.They dont understand anything.The only thing they ever know is to ask, why their fathers were still kept in that dreadful place...

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ummu asiah berkata...

Dear All,

As a friend of Laila, i think she has made a great effort by having this blog..now many people from all over the world can learn, read and feel the true stories behind the Draconian Act and behind tembok besi KEMTA.

After 7 years of fighting together with GMI and other human right activists in so many activities and campaign, now it is the time for all the people in this cyber world take part and fight for the release of Laila's husband and the fathers of many other innocent childrens of the ISA detainees.

Bebaskan Semua Tahanan ISA
Mansuhkan ISA
Tutup Kem Kamunting!!!


taresa tak berhati perut. Hanya beberapa kelompok sahaja diperjuangkan supaya dibebaskan ISA. Kak Laila, baca tulisan saya dalam kalamkerinci.blogspot.com..

Nasaie dari damsyik.

Sal berkata...

Sempena bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini, saya doakan suami Puan dan semua warga KEMTA dibebaskan sebelum raya ini. Inshaallah, ada hikmah sebalik kejadian tangkapan ISA yang terbaru ini. Ianya membuka mata dan minda rakyat, Rakyat tidak lagi takut. Kita akan terus bercakap mengenainya tiap-tiap hari sehingga mereka merasa bosan. S

Ghouse berkata...

I hope and pray that if Pakatan comes to Power, they will release all the ISA detainees held mercilessly. If they ever relent on their promise, Allah swt curse be belong to them for being hypocrites...

Merah Hitam berkata...

Ummuasiah, Nur,Kerinci korner dan Ghouse,
Terimakasih pada semua. Doa anda amat berharga buat kami.

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