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To day, Saturday 20, I went to Wisma MCA to set ISA booth spared by the BC for GMI. My "twin" Nashita, collected me and the ISA merchandise at 8.12.As we arrived at the balcony, we received warm welcome from my dear "bro and sis" in BC like Usha,Siti, Tina,Fadiah, Allison, Amer and few others.The lawyers quickly help to arrange the GMI products like t-shirt,badges, books and at the same time pasting the posters on the wall. Some of these lawyers are not only vocal in court but also creative in marketing anti-ISA products.Most of the products were sold like hot cakes, especially the t-shirts.The GMI transparent-plastic made donation box showed quite a large number of RM50 notes....Alhamdulillah.

It was a big surprised when suddenly, I was invited to give my sharing to the audience. Well, as an activists, giving ISA sharing considered as part of job that should be grabbed and appreciated. Its quite nervous to stand there , infront of hundred of lawyers, that I missed some of the points I wished to share during my 5 minutes -waiting-for my turn.(I was called after YB Teresa finished her long speech and 7 days detention sharing.Oysim was not bad to help ease the strained inside me)

As usual Latheefa Koya would voluntarily gave her "sincere" comments upon my short sharing. I learnt that a number of young lawyers couldnt wait to listen to my first ever sharing with them...

Actually ,apart from thanking BC for their visitation to the detainees, I would also planned to congratulate YB Teresa for her release and asked if she would urge the DAP, to carry on with the anti-ISA campaign, especially to hilite those incarcerated for more than six years. I'm sure as the ex-ISA detainee herself, she could understand the value of human right and detention without trial.

What is the effect of 18 hours or 7 days detention ,compared to 6 years detention without trial in that hell hole???

I also planned to share this dialogue between my hubby and the SB, who visited Mat Sah a week before Ramadhan.

SB : Mat Sah, I hope you dont dream to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri with your family next month.

Mat Sah : But why??

SB : You see, Home Minister will release about 12 detainees before Hari Raya, but when the list of detainees to be released reached your name, the quota was stopped at once.

Mat Sah : ????

Both my hubby and I ,laugh loudly upon hearing the story. This is something new. There is a quota to release the detainees!!!

The moral of the story, in 2002, my hubby was alleged as a member of "JI" that gave threat to the national security. In 2008, he would be release from the detention, if the quota is available.

Note: This pic was taken in the Parliament April this year.Sorry the photo is not that sharp, but can still recognise some of the lawyers that joined the pc with GMI.Standing from left, Andrew, Fadiah, Edmund,Tina. Sitting next to an empty chair (reserved for Datuk Seri Wan Azizah) sultry face and in dark suit is Lawyer Amer Hamzah.

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Admin berkata...

Tiada quota ke Neraka.
Sedarlah wahai penguasa!!!

Unknown berkata...

Spare a thought for this families particularly the children.

They need all the love they can get from the rakyat since the government do not care about them any more.

This may be our future leaders and with proper love I am sure they can be nurtured to be better morally than some of our Ministers.

Any amount will do, whether you are a malay, muslim, chinese, indian, buddhist, christians or hindu.

If each and everyone contribute $1.00, which is like paying service charges to banks and government agencies, I am sure they will create a financially very sound movement to help the victimised and oppressed families.

The fight against ISA starts from here.

By contributing, we will show the government that the rakyat will care what the government do not.

Unknown berkata...

cari persamaan bukan perbezaan. suarakan dalam pendidikan. ubah segalanya melalui pendidikan.

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