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"Kak Laila... the next trip to Kem ISA in Taiping is on Saturday 2nd of May...Please contact all the ISA families, ok?" that's the third call I received from Puan S of the Sectoral Unit, regarding the bus trip provided by Selangor State Government for the ISA victims in Selangor.Saturday Second of May, at 7.00 am, Suhaib and me were on the train from Jelatek to Bangsar LRT Station.The train was always punctual and by 7.20, our eyes were looking anxiously at every bus that passed by Bangsar road heading towards Kuala Lumpur.After few phonecalls between me and the bus driver, at last....the blue plus yellow and red coloured bus with "Majlis Perbandaran Sepang" on it, was infront of our eyes!!! Thanks to YB Rodziah, YB Gan and all the staff for providing us this comfortable coach!(I hope SB wont chase around this guy, the bus driver who had been very nice to us along the way from K.L to Kemta)

The coach was actually fit to accomodate more than 40 passenggers but out of seven ISA families, only three families were boarding , while the rest cancelled at the eleventh hour due to some personal excuses.....
I met Faiq, 6 years old, whose father detained in May 2007 , alledged as the member of Jemaah Islamiyyah(JI). Faiq's mum refused her photo to be exposed in this blog because she didnt want anything that would jeopardise the released of her husband.The detention of Faiq's daddy as stated on the letter sign by Home Minister, supposed to be on the dot of two years, this May.
Other than Faiq, there was Uthaya Kumar's family consisting of Indra his spouse, Jega and Buwanis the couple's daughters and Indra's parents. Indra was like an old friend of mine who used to smile as well as teasing me all the time.
"Laila, I know you are a strong woman. If I knew you flirt around... I'l kill you, ha ha ha.." that's the most deadly joke of her.....I grinned at her words!!!Yeah...the trip was really enjoyable. As for me, other than freeing my mind from paying petrol and toll, I could also looked at the beautiful scenery around us before dozed off....z..z..z...
We reached Kemta at 12.30pm ,took sometime registering at the main gate then proceeded to the second gate before waiting our turn to go inside.
"Why Laila?? Faiq and his father , myself and Kumar were having our meeting in open space, we could touch each other...but your son and his father were using intercom, separated by glass partition ...." Indera asked many times. I just shrugged my shoulders.
"Laila...this is terrible. I can meet for one hour. Faiq and his mother can request for extra one and a half hours for the visitation, but you were only allowed to communicate for 45 minutes only..?All of us are ISA victims, right?Why such a discrimination???"Indra's words dissolved into the air...There's no need for me to answer all those questions!!!!The Kem authorities had been "entertaining" me that way since the end of 2004 until now!!!
Discriminate during visitation hours and the longest detention..... that's the tag the SB was putting on me and exercised by the Kem wardens.
Does Home Minister know all about this??

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