"No To ISA" at Bar Council's EGM

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(Lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri- white scarf, second from right)
"Bar Council told Home Minister and IGP to quit" -Malaysiakini.
Last week, in solidarity to activist Wong Chin Huat's (Black day) arrests, there was a vigil held in Brickfields to protest the detention. The police arrested a number of fourteen participants at the Vigil.A group of five young lawyers from Bar Council's legal aid went to the Brickfields to meet their clients but unfortunately, the lawyers themselves were also arrested by the police and they had to stay in the lock-up overnite.Lawyer Fadiah Nadwa, one of Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA committee members, was one of them!!!
That's the root of the story why EGM was held by Bar Council at Civic Center today.Yes!!!Personally, I support the motion by 1400 lawyers came to the EGM today asking the two top person in Home Ministry to quit because they abused their power by asking their subbordinates to arrest the lawyers who came to give help to those arrested vigilers.

The three of us, myself, Temme of SUARAM and Nashita came to the EGM purposely to sell ISA merchandise like badges, books, car stickers and mufflers. We were not good at advertising these products.....

Alhamdulillah... we have famous lawyer Amer Hamzah Arshad who came to the rescue by calling, shouting and "forcing" the lawyers to take ISA mufflers and stickers away!Phew!!! Within half an hour all ISA mufflers and stickers were sold out!

"Kak Laila, nice to see you again. InsyaAllah, Poh Lai and us will visit your hubby end June. Stay strong. Please say hello to Suhaib for me..." thats the sms from Adrian few hours I left Civic Center today.
I met lawyer Adrian Chee who gave me a lift to Kem Kamunting two months ago and he promised to take another trip to visit the remaining detainees in the Kem next month.... Alhamdulillah.I'm so glad...at least the remaining 14 ISA detainees are still remembered by the lawyers.....

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UMB berkata...

Email me details of the Merchandise at hostage88@gmail.com.

I will put it at some blogs to help advertise.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

hi kak

apa khabar di Switzerland? send me an sms when you are back in KL. next visit to kemta is probably end of this month.


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