In memory of 2007-" Teacher's Day Celebration".

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A few songs from the ustaz lead by ex HM Ustaz Zubir Othman.
A Choral Speaking by the female teachers. I was not in the pic coz I had to stand few feet right infront of their eyes to conduct the presentation.

The "squares" received unforgettable applause from the crowd for their show....

Dear Teachers,
We have so much ,but we could only share this simple notes with you.Hope it will be the best memories for us all….

Semua murid mesti berbaris didataran se-ka-rang!….
Ustaz Rozaini said softly, clearly and monotonously,(Ch)
We have assembly today.(Solo)

After singing the school song, we sit on the floor,
The voice of the prefect as the MC , always make us dizzy and sleepy,
To make us alert and not to sleep, we whisper at each other…
But, some teachers describe us as talkative….
Teacher please, don’t punish us, we just want to be creative…(Ch)

Hari ini ustaz nak cerita kisah Saidina Umar…(Solo)

Ustaz Zubir will pick a story from the sirah for his weekly speech(Ch)

Ustaz akan ambil tindakan pada aulad dan banat yang selalu ber sms(Solo)

Yeah, Ustaz Zubir is right. We are too young to fall in love with the girls.(Ch))

I don’t like girls…..they are taller than me(Solo)

Me too ….Or …May be, girls are interested in us?? Just may be….(Solo)

“Boleh tak buat hafazan betul2 ?” (Solo)

InsyaAllah, boleh cikgu
Normally Cg Murni is so patient , but this time she’s really angry at us(Ch)

Suara kita ni….. bising ke?Jangan lah buat Cikgu marah!!!(solo)

Well……I don’t think so…we are just whispering to each other, that’s all…..(solo)

We always do our hafazan at home, but when we reached school,
everything vanish from our mind…
Hmmm….. what must we do???(Ch)

Cikgu,, may I go to the toilet?

No !!!


Saya tahu , hari ini anta dah pergi toilet banyak kali!

Cikgu Noraini is a strict teacher.
She knows that we love to visit the toilet in level one..
But this time, we don’t have any chance to walk around anymore…

Sapa tak makan nasi, cikgu catit nama dia!!!

Cikgu Nik, saya tak boleh makan ikan…
Nanti mata saya jadi merah….(solo)

Cikgu, doktor kata saya allergic with fish and seafood!!!(Solo)

If the main menu of the day is fish, the pupils looked so bored,
But…… if it is ayam goreng, hmm …they will clear their plates to their last straw
By right, whatever the canteen had provide us, then we must take it willingly..(Ch)

Semua murid mesti solat dengan betul,(solo)

Aaaahhhhh Ustaz Radzi’s words, were too soft, (Solo)

Yeah…. Ustaz words are too soft, that we can hardly hear them(Solo)

Normally, boys like to talk before performing their solat,
Its too bad boys, we must stop it, rite??(Ch)

Ustaz, tadi Aiman bercakap semasa solat!(Solo)

Anta mesti solat semula, solat tadi tak sah!!!(Solo)

Oh dear…this is the special part of Al Amin.
Thank you teachers for making sure we practice our pray up to the best level

Kita semua tak akan tidor, sampailah kamu pandai buat ikatan (Solo)

Ustaz Nizan, saya dah tak nampak tali….mata saya dah tak boleh buka(Solo)

Ustaz Shakir, its past mid nite already..aaahhhhh, bagi minyak angin sikit ustaz(Solo)

Ustaz Haris, saya buat simpul manuk tapi…. jadi tindik kasih, macam mana ni??(solo)

Those were the words came from the our year 4 brothers in camping last 2 weeks.
No matter how hard it was, we enjoyed the camping so much.

Dear Teachers,
All of you had given the best knowledge to us,
All of you had done so much for us all,
Thank you so much for everything,
We always love you….
May Allah Bless you always….

Happy Teachers Day to all of you, Teachers.

p/s: Choral speaking ini adalah hasil karya saya yang telah dipersembahkan di sambutan Hari Guru tahun 2007. Naskah ini adalah sebahagian dari kenangan yang di kutip semula untuk menghilangkan kerinduan saya terhadap warga guru dan murid di Sekolah Al Amin, K.L.("You are always in my heart!!!)

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Menarik sungguh choral speaking satu je nak tanye, blhke dicampuradukkan dgn Bahasa Malaysia, sbb setahu saye...choral speaking hanye dlm BI. Anyway...happy teacher's day to all teachers in Malaysia!

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