MACC officers as brutal as ISA detainees Interrogation Officers?Malaysiakini

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In his police report filed at the Damansara police station yesterday, Halimi Kamaruzzaman, 46, claimed that he was assaulted during his four-day remand in Kuantan.
He alleged that three MACC officers, including the head of a unit, had punched him in the head, stomach and shoulder. He also claimed that he was kicked in the ribs and knee.
"I was also forced to strip naked, lie and roll on the floor. An officer choked me against the wall. They threatened me that my wife would also be arrested and be asked to strip if I did not agree to make a confession that I handed money to Umno members," he alleged. "I had to do squats, sing Negaraku and the Umno song many times and the officer threatened to burn my private part with a cigarette," he said.
When I post the pictures and notes of torture suffered by ISA detainees, "UMNO" people accused me of making stories.Now, we look at the testimony from the UMNO supporter himself.All the incidents he relayed here are very same to the actions done by SBs Bukit Aman to ISA detainees during 60 days(Section 73-ISA) in Police Remand Center.
He(Halimi Kamaruzzaman) received that kind of treatment from the MACC officers in four days remand.
Can you imagine, what happened to those ISA detainees, who had been incarcerated without trial more than 7 years?????

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