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Few days ago,in his speech, Obama planned to enggange the Muslim world. Then today, Obama signed a draft to close draconian millitary camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

PM Badawi reported he was very "happy" with Obama' s plans to the Muslim world. And I'm wondering, if Obama cared to close that inhuman camp, then he should take the same measure to close ISAs Kem Kamunting and charge all the detainees in court.

The ISA detainees have the rights to be charge in court, with the evidence produced , let the judge hears from both sides, the Home Minister and the detainees for what reasons those detainees accused as the threat to the national security.Some of the detainees had wasted 7 years of their precious lives in the Kem leaving behind wife and growing up children alone.

The ISA detainees have good names that deserve to be cleared before begin new lives outside Kem. When arrested under ISA, those ISA detainees lost everything . The on going accusations and allegations by Home Minister,make things difficult for the ex detainees to get jobs because the public is still scare to them.

So, the best things is to let the court decides whether they did make mistakes or not.
Note: Puan Halimah raised her 7 children aged 2 months - 12 years alone, when her husband was detained under ISA late 2003 untill now....

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Unknown berkata...

Yes! Please Pak Lah...follow Obama's example!

Charge them in court and close-down KDC!

Do it now before you retire.
At least we will remember you for doing the right thing by the people

Merah Hitam berkata...


You rasa Pak lah dan Hamid Albar ni dari species apa?
Dah macam-macam cara dibuat ntuk sampaikan mesej bahawa ISA ini zalim, jahat dan tidak sesuai degunakan keatas rakyat malaysia,tapi mereka macam tak ada telinga lah.......

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