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Since yesterday, my cellphone was showered by calls from the Pakatan Rakyat MPs, anti-ISA supporters, reporters and close friends.Their question was quite stereotype.... "your husband released?" something which was very hard for me to answer....

I suspect, this is part of the impact by the released of Yazid Suffat and other ISA detainees. Many journalist tried to contact Yazid and his wife for some comments over the released, but they refused to give cooperation and in the end,they(the journalists) had to get my comments on behalf of the couple.

"The number decreased from 70 to 46 since I took the post" said Hamid Albar proudly when asked the latest statistic of the ISA detainees. I smiled at this"stupid "remark.I understand, Hamid Albar wanted to say ,during his time as the Home Minister, he is better off than Pak Lah (who let go the post of Home Minister after GE12).I could smell, Hamid Albar also tried to paint that ISA is "good and still relevant" to the people!!!

I'm not that old to forget how Hamid Albar began his job as a Home Minister by renewing the detentions of accused Jemaah Islamiyyah,Darul Islam , Agent Perisik Asing, Counterfeiting and others since April to July this year.GMI has all the records.

Just to share ,the anti-ISA campaign was launched in March 2008 , it mount up and heightened when Hamid Albar "made mistakes" by arresting RPK, YB Teresa and Miss Tan of Sin Chew!!!This is the era when rakyats from all walks of life began to realised the draconian of this ISA and their hatred to this act take place in forms of Vigils, public forums and demonstrations.

Actually, the resistance to ISA from rakyat , made the Home Ministry let those poor ISA detainees, released from that damn hell hole of Kem Kamunting.What is so special about the released of Yazid? It is surely the victory of the persistent and continuous Kempen Bebaskan Tahanan 6 Tahun ISA which is widely supported by the Malaysian who always say No To ISA!!!

Please...lah.Dont fooled us the brave Malaysians.!!!

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Muhammad Fahmi berkata...

kak laila perasan tak bila rakyat kayuh basikal gomen gelabah semacam. rasanya cara tu beri kesan ke seluruh negara. mungkin GMI kena tukar strategi kepada program kayuh basikal. test la dulu mana tau berkesan. rasanya ramai yg nak kayuh tu... tq

Merah Hitam berkata...


JERIT ialah salah satu NGO dalam gabungan GMI.Kalau u perasan, tuntutan ke 2 mereka ialah Mansuhkan ISA.

Sebenarnya, polis dah berterus-terang, tuntutan lain, kerajaan Malaysia tak ada masaalah....tetapi yang menjadi masaalah besar ialah tuntutan ke 2. mansuhkan ISA.Sebab itu ramai cyclists ditahan polis dan diperlakukan dengan pelbagai intimidasi yang lain....
Anyway terimakasih dengan cadangan ini. jangan lupa datang ke program ISA di BAR COUNCIL Sabtu 13 Disember 11- 12 tengahhari.

perunding berkata...

yazid released.
to the ruling party,yazid-type is a second degree of threat to them.
their concerns are more on the political-inclined fighters/activists.

and probably,their hidden agenda is to threaten the non-muslim rakyat that are so afraid of the so-called `ghost` of terrorism.

and the worst is,the ruling party might be plotting something like `mumbai` type of situation so that they can .....u can`t imagine.

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