Lets hear from Syed Ibrahim.

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(Syed Ibrahim is the chairperson of GMI)
This is the true spirit of 1Malaysia! Here, you as a Minister accepted a memorandum by pro-ISA group (although racist in nature and violates not just the constitution but due process of law with their suggestions) but you do not make the attempt to meet us when we went to the Ministry earlier to submit our memo.

I'm very disappointed with my "fellow muslims" who still do not understand the true nature of ISA. Detention without trial. Detention without opportunity to defend oneself. Detention without neccesity to provide evidence. Powers to detain incomunicado for the first 60 days (section 73) and two years (section 8) in Kamunting Camp which can be extended for additional two years for unlimited times. Not to mentioned being tortured mentally and physically as documented in testimonies, books and court's records. Where is justice in all these?

Are we that weak, fragile or gullible enough to resort to such law to uphold the status of Islam, the status of Kings and Rulers, BM as the national language, the special privileges of Malay and bumiputera in Sabah and Sarawak and the corrupters??

Hishammuddin calls the struggle to abolish ISA as "pure emotional political rhetoric". How can he still be blinded when memorandums by GMI, calls by Suhakam, voice of the ex-detainees, voice of detainees' family, voice of the people through demos, blogs, websites etc...to abolish ISA were made for so many years. Ok yes, I admit it is pure emotions but based on true principles of fighting for justice and truth! As for political rhetoric...Yes, it is political because ISA is a convenient political tool that needs to be wiped out through political means...through the Parliament. But, believe me it is not rhetoric because those that have been detained under ISA are real people with real families. They underwent real suffering and real bruises. If Hishamuddin cannot recognise these and label it as "pure emotional political rhetoric", then just wait and see for the fall of yet another Minister!

Those in Parliament are Wakil Rakyat. We the Rakyat put them there for the sake of the people and nation but if the trust or amanah is breached because of such unjust law as ISA, then we the people have the power to drag them down.

p/s: "ISA is needed to uphold the Malay rights".......I wonder, what others (anak bangsa Malaysia from Chinese and Indians groups) has to say about this ?

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